We were very excited to work on this project with Jack and Deb Lynch of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. For the complete renovation of their house, the Lynch family wanted flooring that would fit in with their rustic flooring aesthetic and their goal of creating a restored carriage house style.

The Lynch family chose to work with Wide Plank Floor Supply to create a custom wide plank floor which would fit in perfectly with the style they had already gone great lengths to create with their other renovation efforts. They wanted the floors to complement the cozy, informal appeal of the interior.

The Lynch family has a preference for repurposed and upcycled interior design elements. Exposed brick and vintage lighting elements help to reinforce this style. The fireplace mantle  is a 200 year-old beam from a barn.

With the guidance of Wide Plank Floor Supply staff, Jack and Deb Lynch ultimately chose a skip-planed, live sawn prefinished white oak floor that we completely customized for them. The flooring includes planks with variable widths––4”, 6”, and 8”, and lengths varying from 2’ to 10’. The skip-planing process created deep circle saw marks which enhance the character of the floor. The Lynch family chose a dark cinnamon brandy color for the custom stain, which imparts the room with a feeling of warmth.

The pillowed edges help to give the floor even more of a beautiful, rich character.

“The floors go a long way in creating an environment that looks well-loved and lived in,” says Deb Lynch. Guests frequently think that the flooring is original to the house rather than a new, custom floor. “My wife loves the floor, I love the floor, and everybody that walks in talks about the floor being an important part of the rest of the renovation we did,” says Jack.

Jack says that Joe Glavin and other Wide Plank Floor Supply staff were readily available to tell them about the pros and cons of various products when questions about which products to select came up.

However, the guidance didn’t end with the creation of the floors. Wide Plank Floor Supply also recommended a capable, local flooring contractor to carry out the installation, Walsh Hardwood Flooring. “They were there to help us select the floor, they were there to make sure we had the right installers, and we’re thrilled with what we ended up with,” says Jack.

What do you think of this project? Watch the video below for a walkthrough of a house and an interview with the Lynch family.


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