As a contractor, architect, or interior designer, how do you usually show your customers the floors they can select? Do you show them small samples that you’ve received in the mail?

We want you to think differently, so we’ve done something revolutionary––we’ve built an office that also functions as a fully equipped wide plank flooring showroom in our recently opened national headquarters.

We believe that we have created the best possible way to showcase the natural beauty of wide plank floors.


Instead of the cluttered sample racks that you typically see in other showrooms, we put our floors into action and installed them throughout the office-showroom space.

As you walk through the showroom, you’ll experience all the burls, stains, and character marks in person.

We also have several custom-designed, free-standing racks that allow you to take off a board of a particular species and lay it on the floor.


Throughout the office-showroom we have installed wide plank selects, characters, wire brushed floors, extra wide American Cherry, reclaimed heart pine, and custom sawn floors with mill marks. We have livesawn floors and reclaimed red and white oak up to 15 inches wide with original pegs and character marks.

The floors are covered in European hardening oils. We have floors with custom stains and various installation patterns throughout the showroom.


This makes a great space for home improvement professionals to come in and experience wide plank flooring in action so you can make the best possible suggestions to your clients about their flooring options.

Being able to walk on hundreds of feet of flooring is entirely different from receiving a sample in the mail. It is an experience that allows you to see natural wide plank flooring in action as you to take a physical tour through various species and styles.

Come and see for yourself. We welcome you to visit with your customers and select from beautiful wide plank flooring for your upcoming projects.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a wood flooring expert who can walk you through your potential options and help you find the best fit for your next project. You can also call us at 877-697-5265 or email for more information.

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