Wondering which wide plank floors are the best to install in a beach home? We have some ideas for you if you’re looking for the perfect choice. 

We find that the best kind of floor color for a beachy space is relaxing neutrals.

A natural white oak floor would be a great choice or a beach house because it’s light in color and typically subdued. This will go well with a beachy theme, especially when paired with more vibrant colors in your decor such as blue, green, or turquoise. It really lets your decor shine while bringing a relaxed, calm air to the space.

You can also consider whitewashed or graywashed floors, which are also neutral, subdued, and can feed into the beachy look you are trying to cultivate in your space.

Reclaimed wood floors can also give the room a beachy sense due to their rustic look. They work especially well if they’re distressed because they’re typically lower maintenance than a typical solid wood floor. This is perfect for a beach home, which is a place for stress-free getaways.

Remember that the wider the floor, the better, especially when you have a smaller space such as a bungalow. Wider planks transform small bungalows into airier spaces. If space is a concern of yours, wide plank floors can make your space appear much larger and roomier.

There are many things to consider when picking out the right flooring for your space, but sticking to light, neutral tones is usually your best bet.

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