With the new year comes new trends in hardwood flooring. One big trend to look out for is barnwood flooring! Barnwood is a type of reclaimed flooring that recycles wood planks from barns and other older structures.

Here are some of the unique advantages of barnwood flooring and reasons why this particular trend has become rather popular and is slated to remain popular:

Barnwood Planks are Already Wide

Barns and older wooden structures were originally created with wide wood planks. Barns were typically built with eight-inch-wide planks. Because of the already established width, reclaimed barnwood is highly sought after, especially considering the surge in popularity of wide plank hardwood floors in recent years. No other shaping is needed to create wide planks of the wood, thus essentially eliminating a step in the prep process.

They Have a Naturally Weathered Appearance

Weathered Wood Flooring | Wide Plank Floor Supply

Through the aging process, barnwood planks take on a uniquely rustic look which is obtained naturally. Weathering marks, color variations, nail holes bring character to the wood thus making them an attractive purchase. No one board is like the other. History and time paints the boards with their own distinctive patterns and appearances that when placed all together create a beautiful visual setting. With barnwood boards, natural textures and grains are already embedded, adding a texture to the planks along with appearance.

They Add to Rustic Themes

Rustic Interior Design | Wide Plank Floor Supply

Over the recent years, vintage and rustic themes have become rather popular in the interior design and home décor industries. The weathered appearance of barnwood provides an excellent way to employ these themes within a space or add to existing rustic elements. One of the best qualities of barnwood is that it is authentic, bringing in the history and warmth of aging of the reclaimed wood. It is the perfect background to set the vintage tone of the space.

It’s Eco-Friendly Flooring

Eco-Friendly Wood Flooring | Wide Plank Floor Supply

Another amazing feature of barnwood planks is that while they are stunning, they are also eco-friendly. Reclamation allows older wooden structures to be recycled into new purposes. Wood that is reclaimed and repurposed from places like barns are recycled all while preserving the timeless beauty they have captured through the years.

Barnwood floors are still popular, and these are just a few reasons why. What do you think about the barnwood flooring trend? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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