On Wednesday, November 7, Wide Plank Floor Supply hosted a training event for architects, interior designers, and builders hoping to learn more about incorporating wood floors into their projects. The course was led by Dave Darche of Bona U.S. and was registered with the American Institute of Architects Continuing Educations Systems. It was also registered with AIA/CES for continuing professional education, allowing participants to earn professional credits and certificates of completion for taking the course.

The training reviewed a wide variety of topics to help home improvement professionals successfully incorporate wood floors into their projects. 

The training went over how to specify the correct adhesive for an installation as well as the best practices for adhesive installations.

The course also reviewed the topic of dust containment, which is important for all home improvement professionals to be familiar with in order to protect the health of themselves and their clients.

Dave also covered the differences between hardwood floor finishes, such as hardwax and penetrating oil, waterbased and oil-based polyurethane finishes, as well as the importance of putting a sealer coat on a wood floor. The course went over the topic of floor care and the risks that come with improperly maintaining a hardwood floor.

Finally, the training reviewed the relationship between the wood floor installation process and indoor air quality and VOC regulations, and how to ensure that wood floor projects remain within these guidelines to protect the health of their clients as well as the environment.

All of these topics will hopefully give those in attendance more knowledge and a better idea of how to properly incorporate wood floors into their projects moving forward.

Attendee Testimonials

Mike James of M. James Architecture said that although he has 30 years of experience but he learned something new – particularly the new developments in adhesives. He was impressed with our operation and the knowledge of our staff and the fact that they have installed floors and understand the chemistry involved in the stain and finish process.

Stephen J. Maffei, Principal of Abitare Design Studio, said that he has worked with wood floors in many projects before but that this course taught him about the important differences between installation methods, such as the difference between glue down and nail down methods. He said that he was surprised to learn how much technology has advanced over the past few years.

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