Wide plank hardwood floors are both elegant and dignified. They truly showcase the natural beauty of the wood. For these reasons, we can anticipate seeing them installed in more high-end buildings and homes this year.

Besides wide plank hardwood flooring, here are some other trends that we expect to be popular in high-end settings this year:

Open floor plans

Open concept lofts, kitchens, studios, living rooms, and dining rooms will continue to be popular in 2017. They really help open up a space to make it feel more inviting and spacious.

2011 Foxhall

Even homeowners who choose to stay with more traditional exterior facades are going with modern, open concepts on the interior. This means fewer hallways and tiny, wasted rooms. Open floor plans afford more usable space such as kitchens that open up to the den and possibly seating for the dining area.

An open floor plan combining the kitchen/dining room and living room allows you more social time with guests and family while preparing food, and more natural light.

Mixed Metals

There has been a resurgence of chrome, brass, silver, bronze, antique brass, and polished nickel throughout new, higher-end properties and homes. This style signifies the blending of both industrial and minimalist design which gives a very sleek and modern look.


Copper and bronze in particular will be popular this year. Look for these metals in faucets, light fixtures, and various accents and decor items. Warm-toned metals like bronze and copper are certainly eye-catching. They can help you brighten up any space and complement a variety of styles.

Live-sawn wood

This is a style that is borrowed from European craftsmen of past centuries. Live-sawn wood is created by cutting straight through the log, which means that it incorporates different grade patterns. This type of flooring has a more rustic, authentic look which incorporates all aspects of the given log, since we’re not trying to avoid any knots or defects.

White Oak-2

This kind of flooring has a more rustic look than plain sawn floors. Live sawn wood is also more eco-friendly because it uses more of the log than the plain sawing method. Since it uses the entire log, live sawing is the most efficient method of cutting lumber.

The live sawing process also makes the boards remain extremely stable regardless of changes in humidity. Since the majority of live-sawn boards are quarter-sawn it’s more stable than plain sawn wood, so it’s great for areas where the humidity fluctuates widely with changes in the seasons because the floor is less likely to cup or buckle in response. 

Reclaimed hardwood floors

Reclaimed hardwood is very eco-friendly. They are repurposed and come from barns, old houses, warehouses, and other structures that have been torn down. These unique pieces all have a history of their own, which is appealing to many homeowners.

Waterfront Estate
Reclaimed hardwood is authentic and can really add character and charm to your home.

White-washed and gray-washed hardwood floors

Lighter floors are making a comeback. Dark floors are still popular, but whitewashed and gray-washed floors are going to see a surge in popularity this year.

Gray hardwood floorsThe vinegar and steel wool method is one way to get an authentic gray-washed look in hardwood floors. Click here to watch our video guide to creating a DIY gray-washed stain for hardwood floors using only white vinegar and steel wool.  

Going Green

Green in terms of color and sustainable processes and products. The color green really makes things pop. Try a light yellow-green or chartreuse color.

Green is a very attention grabbing color. It gives an inviting and refreshing look. Add green hues to a room through accents like throw pillows, trim on the walls, or even framed photos.

We’re also referring to the word “green” in terms of sustainability. Eco-friendly building processes and products will continue to be popular this year. Dustless sanding and low-VOC hardwood floor finishes are two ways to create a hardwood floor that has a low impact on the environment. Reclaimed wood floors a very environmentally friendly since they are essentially recycled wood and create less demand for new lumber. 

Rose Bay

Adding plants can also enhance the brightness and appeal of a room. Many high-end builders are taking this commitment one step further by incorporating living walls into rooms. Living walls or vertical gardens are essentially walls that are constructed in such a way as to support the growth of plants which are built in. These plants could either be edible or purely decorative.

Reactive Stains

As the name would suggest, a reactive stain interacts with the tannins in the wood to turn it a certain color.

Gray-aged white oak floor

There are many different reactive stains available. They can help you achieve a weather-worn look without buying distressed wood, which is another trend that is slated to remain popular in 2017.

Distressed hardwood floors

Llano River Ranch

In this case, the trend is less about the material and more about the design and craftsmanship that goes into crafting these floors. That’s why handscraped and distressed hardwood floors are very popular.  Many homeowners crave authenticity, no matter how durable, affordable, and convincing the imitations may be.

Cerused Wood

Cerused WoodA “cerused” finish refers to the technique that brings out the unique grain of wood. This trend has been commonplace in the higher-end industry for several years, but now it’s being universally used throughout different property types. It brings more individuality and character to a room or space. You’ll see it on cabinets, but also in larger pieces and fixtures like tables, chairs, and storage furniture.

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