Recycled materials are hip in the interior design industry right now, so reclaimed hardwood floors are trendier than ever.

Reclaimed lumber is great for the environment because it encourages the use of materials that would otherwise go to waste.

Reclaimed wide plank floors bring a unique rustic charm into any space. This ability is virtually unmatched by any other floor covering on the market.

If you’re looking to incorporate hip and environmentally friendly elements into your next construction or design project, reclaimed floors are the way to go. Here are 6 trendy ways to use reclaimed hardwood floors:

Go for a barnyard chic style in your living room, den, or family room with barn wood flooring

Flooring repurposed from old barns is known as barn wood flooring

Since a large percentage of reclaimed hardwood floors are repurposed from old barns, they would fit right into a rustic family area. Barn wood flooring works especially well when the room has a stone wall or fireplace.

Install a reclaimed kitchen floor

Installing a reclaimed wood floor in a kitchen

Reclaimed floors are actually the perfect flooring choice for a kitchen because they are already worn. Any additional damage will just enhance the floor’s rustic character. Complement your reclaimed kitchen floors with a farmhouse table set made from repurposed wood (like this). This would help to transform the space into something spectacularly vintage.

Apply a stain

Reclaimed flooring idea #3: Stained reclaimed floors

There are tons of stains out there to help you match whatever style you or your clients desire. If you’re interested in a gray-aged effect, it can easily be created by yourself with the use of vinegar and steel wool. This stain is ideal to use on reclaimed floors because it enhances their old, worn look. Watch our how-to video about making a DIY gray-aged stain. For best results, you’ll want to apply it to a white oak floor.

Reclaimed parquet flooring offers a fancy feel with rustic charm

Reclaimed Floor Ideas #4: Parquet reclaimed floors

If you want something different from most other reclaimed floors on the market, you can go with reclaimed parquet. Elegant yet rugged, these floors are perfect in upscale settings.

Paint your reclaimed floors

Reclaimed Floor Ideas #5: Painted reclaimed floors

Another way to add a unique twist to a reclaimed floor is to have it painted. You can paint your reclaimed floors to have nearly any pattern, from simple stripes to elaborate geometrical patterns. Painting your floor will make it stand out amongst all the other reclaimed floors on the market and perfectly match the vision that you and your clients have for the space.

Give your restaurant, cafe, or business an edgy, modern feel

Ideas for Reclaimed Hardwood Floors: Update the look of your cafe or restaurant

If you’re choosing a floor for a commercial space, you can attract a young, hip crowd to your business by creating a stylish atmosphere. Solid colors, simplistic design, and clean elements are the perfect complement to a stunning, worn-in reclaimed wood floor.

Make your reclaimed floors front-and-center to show off their uniqueness & appeal

Longleaf Reclaimed Hardwood Floors

Make your unique flooring the highlight of your room. Reclaimed wood that has been skillfully selected and stained can give an impression of a much more exotic species. Show off its interesting features with extra-wide planks.

The possibilities are endless for how reclaimed flooring can give a room a lift.  Consider this eco-friendly alternative next time you want a floor that really makes a statement. We hoped that these ideas for reclaimed floors gave you something to think about.

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One thought on “6 Hot Ideas for Reclaimed Floors

  1. Callie Marie says:

    I didn’t realize that a lot of reclaimed wood used for flooring is taken from old barns. I like that you explained this would make it perfect for a rustic looking family area. Personally, I prefer more of an industrial style, but I think that rustic floor works well with that look too!

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