One of the many unique and wonderful privileges of owning your own home is the ability to rearrange the rooms of the house in a way that would suit your own personal taste without having to conform to the rules or expectations given by a landlord.  But before you embark on a home renovation projects worthy of its own television show, there are a few things that should be considered.

Read on to get a few tips to help your home remodel run smoothly.

Have a Vision

Tips for Planning a Home Remodel

It’s not the best idea to go into any home remodeling project “blind.” Having at least a vague indication of what you want to accomplish with the overall look or functionality of the room is important and will make completing every other task related to the renovation easier. Keeping your overall goal and “big picture” in mind can also help you navigate the trickier parts of the renovation if they do crop up! For example, if your end goal is to make the layout of your family room more open so it feels more relaxing and inviting, keeping this in mind throughout the project can help you stay focused and determined to move forward in spite of any obstacles.

Choose Your Materials Wisely


This tip goes a bit along with your overall vision but is a bit more specific. It’s important to consider what sort of materials you will be using, and how much those might cost in light of whatever your budget happens to be. And remember to get samples for everything you possibly can!

  • Flooring – There are different types of flooring, and some of those may be more expensive or accessible than other types. It may also be helpful to consider what type of flooring may work best for your living situation. For example, distressed hardwood flooring is a great choice for a home with kids, pets, or heavy foot traffic because it disguises scratches and damage particularly well.
  • Paint – Unless you’ll be using strictly natural colors, it’s important to choose a paint scheme that doesn’t clash with furniture or other décor in the room or rooms that you’re planning to remodel.
  • Furniture – Replacing furniture falls somewhat along the same line as choosing what kind of flooring is most suitable for your living situation. If you happen to have cats that scratch everything other than their scratching post, for example, perhaps a leather sofa set would be a bad choice. It’s important to pay attention not just to design, but also to functionality. 

Choose the Right Contractor(s)

Tips for Planning a Home Remodel

The most important thing you need to think about when planning a home renovation is who you get to do the job––your contractor (or contractors, depending on the scope of your project) can really make or break the success of your project. Different contractors will specialize in different types of work.

You may also find it helpful to hire an interior designer or other professional besides those who are directly involved with the actual construction process, and these individuals may bring their own set of recommendations for contractors and construction companies. Ultimately, it’s important to research different companies relevant to your renovation project and see how good their work portfolio and references or customer reviews are before hiring them.

If you need help locating a local, qualified contractor to help you install hardwood floors, reach out to us.

Consider the Timing of Your Project

This may sound obvious, but some home renovation projects are better suited to certain times of the year than others. For example, it may be less desirable to undertake a large painting project in the wintertime when proper ventilation may mean opening the windows when it’s cold outside.

Additionally, and perhaps even more important than planning ahead for the time of year, plan for the room being renovated. For example, if a central bathroom in your house is being worked on and is thus inaccessible, it’s a good idea to plan accordingly and have a back-up in place. 

A Final Word

Armed with these helpful reminders, you are now ready to embark on your own home improvement adventure! If you need help finding the right flooring for your project, reach out to Wide Plank Floor Supply for a custom quote.

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