The end of 2017 is fast approaching, leading way to the brand-new year of 2018. With the new year comes new trends and new opportunities to update and design your home and other spaces.

Here are five trends we predict will become or remain popular in 2018.

#1: Wood Continues to be a Favorite

Maple Wide Plank Hardwood Floor

Wood flooring––particularly wide plank wood flooring––will remain stylish into 2018, and homeowners will continue to prefer wider and longer planks, which is great news given what we do! Luckily, there are a variety of wide plank wood flooring products available, from engineered to unfinished, and a variety of colors too!

When it comes to color, the main toss-up will be choosing between light and dark woods.  

Light and dark woods have been proven to set the new standard of modernity and style. Light woods bring about warmth and an appealing nature to the space, whereas darker woods offer a more luxurious and contemporary feel. With the inclusion of soft lighting and textured accents, wood creates spacious, warm, and comfortable rooms.

Either way, hardwood flooring is sure to continue its position as a mainstay in well-designed homes into the new year.

#2: Bringing it Back to Earth

2018 Interior Design Trends: Bringing it Back to Earth

With our hectic and technology-driven lifestyles, we often lose touch with nature. For 2018, we foresee that the incorporation of organic materials will be a popular design trend. Interior designers will increasingly be tasked with helping people relax in their spaces and reconnect with nature. 

Wood flooring is a great way to bring the design of a room “back to earth.”

Organic materials include live plants, custom carpentry, and wood crafts. The combination of these materials brings about a natural and airy atmosphere for the space.

#3: Green Design and Green Building are Mainstays

2018 Interior Design Trends: Green Design

Recycling and eco-friendly materials have become more popular trends lately, and are predicted to rise in popularity throughout 2018! This trend is very similar to the aforementioned “back to earth” trend. However, this trend focuses more on the repurposing of pieces and materials that have been used before and are now recycled or “upcycled” to fit a different purpose.

Examples of “upcycling” include turning an old ladder into a bookcase or old shelving into a wine rack. Almost anything can be re-designed and repurposed. Creative reuse of everyday household items brings a sense of uniqueness and creativity to any room.

This is also where reclaimed hardwood floors come in! The recycling of wood planks add to the eco-friendly nature and rustic charm of any space.

#4: Texturization is Key

2018 Interior Design Trends: Texturization

In 2018, mixing various textures will be an emerging trend. Texture refers to the surface quality of a material. All surfaces have texture be they matt, shiny, coarse, fine, silky, or smooth. Textures can also can be either tactile like upholstery and pillows, or visual like wall coverings and window treatments. 

The layering of various textures and colors allow for a pulled together design. There are a huge variety of materials out there that can be incorporated into any space for additional texture, from metal and glass to paneling and hardwood. Materials such as these offer various textures and colors allowing you to create an inviting and creative living space.

Hardwood flooring allows a great basis for you to start. Why not begin from the the ground up?  Reclaimed and distressed hardwood floors can help you set the tone for you space. Once you have selected your flooring, you can then begin adding texture and color accordingly.

#5: Browns and Beiges are in

2018 Interior Design Trends: Brown and Beige Tones

According to a number of designers, the colors of 2018: will be browns and beiges! These colors have made a strong comeback and are prepared to invade the interior decorating space. Brown and beige fall right in between warm and cool colors, offering lovely neutral tones. Browns and Beiges have been found to provide a quiet strength to the room, allowing a sense of connectivity to nature. In addition, with the right accents, these colors can bring about a sense of modernity and calmness to any space.

What do you think of these 5 trends to expect in 2018? Let us know in the comments!

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